Toyota Yaris Safety Features

The 2019 Toyota Yaris delivers in the area of safety. Not only does this car offer an exterior that is designed to ward off severe personal injury, but the new Yaris also comes equipped with a Low-Speed Pre-Collision System that further bolsters safety.

The pre-collision system scans the road for potential hazards that could lead to accidents. The program then sends off an audiovisual alert to the driver that informs him of what is down the road. Braking assistance is also activated so that the Yaris does not travel head-long into danger. The braking system works so that speed is reduced even if the driver does not respond to the alert.

Toyota is committed to excellence in the way of safety. The Low-Speed Pre-Collision System brings such dedication to keeping drivers safe and alert to the forefront. What other way to make your way through town or hit the highway than in style and with all of the tools you need to avoid collisions? The 2019 Yaris is the full package.



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