Toyota Land Cruiser Safety Features

In the new Toyota Land Cruiser, you can drive confidently wherever you go. This popular luxury SUV is available at Oxford Toyota with the Toyota Safety Sense package. The unique feature includes a suite of standard safety systems that can keep you alert and protected on the road.

Drivers will love the Dynamic Cruise Control system. It works a lot like old cruise control features of yesteryear. However, advanced technology makes this version more aware than ever. It uses radar and cameras to monitor the road ahead. Once you set your desired speed, the SUV will work to maintain it while also taking the ebb and flow of traffic into account. It can slow down and speed up automatically without disengaging.

Also included in the Safety Sense package is Lane Departure Alert. Those same sensors used on Dynamic Cruise Control can also read the lane markings on the road, as long as they're clearly marked. If you start to drift into the next lane, the Land Rover will provide alerts.



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