New Toyota Tacoma Comes Completely Loaded with Safety Feature Options

The new Toyota Tacoma is not like any other midsize pickup truck on the market. Just take a closer look at these safety features.

The new Tacoma is going to increase safety for you and other drivers on the open road. With the Dynamic Radar Cruise Control, once the desired speed has been programmed, the radar keeps scanning far ahead for anything moving slower than your vehicle. If detected, the braking system is activated to gently increase the distance in between vehicles rather than slam on the brakes.

The Lane Departure Alert feature in the new Tacoma is for when the driver might be tired or distracted while behind the wheel. If the vehicle starts drifting, the system triggers a set of vibrations to the steering wheel so the driver has the chance to take quick action.

Stop at Oxford Toyota at your leisure and you can take the new Tacoma for a test drive.



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