Style and Functionality in the Toyota C-HR

Style and functionality go hand-in-hand in the Toyota C-HR. This admired subcompact SUV is sporting a unique exterior look that is sure to attract attention wherever you go. It also has a robust lighting system that can improve your visibility on the road. We here at Oxford Toyota are eager to show you why the C-HR is such a great buy.

Drivers will love the body of this SUV. The dramatic cutouts and sculpted lines are similar to that of the facets on a diamond. They create attractive shadows and add dimension to the exterior. Beautiful accents, such as the seamless rear door handles and the cantilevered spoiler, push the vehicle's look even further.

When it comes to lighting, Toyota didn't skimp on style. The headlights are fluid and elongated to complement the aerodynamic shape of the SUV. They come standard with halogen lights that illuminate the road ahead. There's also cluster LED daytime running lights. The eye-catching design ensures that you're seen in any environment.



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