The Efficient and Safe Toyota Highlander

The stunning Toyota Highlander is a large SUV that is equipped to transport passengers, haul cargo and tow boats and trailers. The Highlander also has a well-appointed interior that lets both drivers and passengers arrive at their destination in comfort.

The 2018 Highlander has several performance features that appeal to SUV buyers. The vehicle has an eight-speed, automatic transmission that allows the Highlander to come up to speed quickly. When the desired speed is reached, the transmission allows the Highlander to cruise with enhanced fuel efficiency. The Highlander also adds safety features for drivers. The automatic high beams come on at speeds over 25 mph. When sensors detect another vehicle nearby, the low beams will come on.

These are just a few of the Toyota Highlander range's outstanding features. Come in to Oxford Toyota located in Oxford, MS for a test drive of this vehicle. The sales professionals will be happy to answer questions about the Highlander.

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